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General inquiries: Please contact the Sam Houston Memorial Museum (936) 294-1832.

School groups: Please contact Kay Laube at or (936) 435-6315.

Performers and costumed characters: Please contact Jude Routh at or (936) 294-4240.

Demonstrators and reenactors:  Please contact Taylon Black at or (936) 294-3371

General "working" volunteers: Please contact Derrick Birdsall at or (936) 294-3153.

Food vendor coordinator:  Please contact Adam Winningham at

Craft vendor coordinator:  Please contact Megan Buro at or (936) 294-3839.


  1. As a retired USDA employee with 34 years of service and having earned both B.S. and M.Ed. degrees from 'Sam', I own a ranch in Limestone County.

    100 ac. of my ranch is part of the 640 ac. awarded to William McIntire for his services during the battle of San Jacinto. Mr. McIntire cared for Sam Houston's horses, buggy and luggage during his service.
    200 ac. of my land is part of the Labour & league of land given to Solomon Ruyle for his service during the Mexican-American War, the Civil War as well as the battle of San Jacinto where Mr. Ruyle's men actually captured Santa Anna.

    These matters are documented in the historical documents that I donated to the Research Library at San Jacinto.

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  3. The home page for the folksinger Jed Marum says he will be at Your Festival, but I don't see any times posted on any of your stages. Is he going to be appearing? Please respond to

  4. Is there a website to sign up to volunteer at the festival like there has been for the past years? Do I just show up with my old volunteer shirt from 2017?

  5. Hi there,

    I was hoping you could point me in the right direction as to the contact for the upcomingS am Houston Folk Fest 2019. As Music Water's Festivals and Events national account executive, I am reaching you because of our tremendous success at events such as this and our interest in participating in your event. With flexibility in supplying different areas of events, I am reaching you to learn about opportunities that may exist to be your water supplier, including water sold at the concessions, staff consumption, GA, backstage, security, etc.

    Attached is a short presentation with more information about our capabilities and on how we are rapidly growing in events and venues across several states.

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